Ability to check the account details of payees

I want to transfer money to an account with a different bank. I go to the transfer icon and I can see a list of names… but no account info. I’ve got no way of knowing from within the app which of the previous payees with a similar name is the correct one. This is really bad UI.

My options seem to be

  1. Add my bank account as a new payee (again!)
  2. Make a test transfer of £1 across to see if it lands in the right bank account.

You know what the account details are, you must have them behind the scenes. So please display them on the list (or if you think that would clutter the list too much (rolls eyes) at least include it on the pay page.

Sending money from one place to another is all about giving the customer confidence that their money is going to the right place. Your app at the moment doesn’t give us that confidence, and it should.


If you open a contact, that you’ve previously sent money to, from the Payments page you can see their details:

If you select Pay first then select a payee then you can’t see the details unless they have more than one account in the payee (:android: in labs only I believe at present):

It would probably be better if the account picker was presented even if the payee has only one account so that you can confirm the details but then people would also probably complain its a superfluous step :man_shrugging:

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How do you do that? On the payments page whether I select from ‘recent’, ‘frequent’ or ‘all’ I just get the ‘pay’ page with no contact information. I’m on iOS and I can’t get up a screen like that at all!

I’m on iOS too.

If you select payments (the two arrows at the bottom), but then instead of pressing pay at the top of the screen you scroll down you should see a list of everyone you’ve paid. If you then select the person/company it will bring up their account details and you can set up the payment from here.

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Another highlight of how this part of monzo (my opinion) really needs some UI love, it really isn’t intuitive