Making Payments Screens improvement

Two things I would like to see improved/suggested for making payments from the app…

Consistent Payee Information
If you click on a “Frequent” payee on the Payments tab, you see/select the destination bank details - which is useful as I have two accounts with similar names but different bank details.
But if I click “Pay” and then a “Frequent” payee, you don’t see the destination bank details.

So my first request is to make this consistent; wherever you’re making a payment, the screen should ALWAYS show the destination account details.

Previous Payment History
It would be great when selecting a payee to see a history of previous transactions to that payee - I often make similar value payments to the same person (not frequent enough to need a scheduled payment) - rather than scrolling endlessly through the Home tab to find the last transaction of that type and see it’s history.

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+1 for previous payment history!

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