Video verification for Laryngeal Dystonia Sufferers



I get as far as the video verification and then stop. I have Laryngeal or Spasmodic Dystonia which affects my voice. I know some sign language but not enough to complete the video.

Also, why is the camera angle so flattened? I look like a squashed frog ><

P.S It’s over a month since I posted this and no response. If only I had a cute parrot or was 40 years younger, perhaps there’d be more interest? Oh well, since 19 Jan was the day I was burgled, I have nothing much to put into the bank


Well, you got a very good number of “likes” :roll_eyes:

Maybe @simonb can help? Also, have you tried emailing them at, or using the in app chat?


I have flagged this for staff attention hopefully they will reply

(Richard Cook) #4

Hi @Zemblanity, sorry to leave you waiting here. I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble getting started with the app.

We’ll be more than happy to help you through the process. Feel free to either start a chat with us through the app, or email us at Or, we can open a chat with you from our end and get this sorted.

Just let us know what you’re happiest with :slight_smile:


Thanks, Cookywook, I will do when I’m not such a soggy mess


Many thanks!


Thanks, nanos, what a nice community!