Speech difficulties hampering sign-up

Hi all, we recently recommended Monzo to a friend who’s recently returned to live in the UK following a stroke. The sign up process is proving difficult for him as his speech has been affected. Do you have any suggestions?

If you can’t record video and audio, there are other options You can always communicate in the video in other ways if you need to. For the “My name is…” sentence, we accept:

  • Spoken word

  • Written word (you can hold it up on paper)

  • Sign language (BSL, ASL, Makaton etc.)

  • AAC devices (augmentative and alternative communication devices)


They’ve changed it, and these accessibility workarounds don’t work well with the new system.

They now make you say a randomly generated phrase that doesn’t appear until you start recording. And that phrase will change every time you say it.

This prevents you the opportunity to write it out, and very difficult to use AAC timely enough for the video. Sign language would still work, but I’m still learning.

I had to get in touch with support to override the video requirement when setting up my new phone. Was a very frustrating experience this year because of that.

Best thing to do is email Monzo and ask for alternative accessibility method of sign up.


Is that the same for new sign ups?

I’m assuming so from the explanation I got from the support agent.

When I got my iPhone 14 pro I believe I just held up a piece of paper that said my name is Tom MacMonier and I have a Monzo account, which I recall being similar to the phrase I had to say when I first opened my Monzo account.

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Just want to add I am really pleased that Monzo is available to people with accessibility issues. My daughter has selective mutism and would have struggled to open an account. However she has just signed up by writing the phrase on paper and holding it up. Thank you Monzo


That is so awesome :star_struck: