Video Verification - No Sound


I’m in the process of submitting my verification to open my account, when I take the video and play it back to check it’s OK, I don’t get any sound? The sound icon in the top right I’ve clicked to make sure it’s not muted.

I’ve checked my sound on other videos and it’s fine and I did the verification video on my camera app (outside of Monzo) to check it wasn’t an issue with my mic.

Anyone experienced this before and have any ideas? I’m not sure whether the sound has actually recorded and I just can’t hit it and therefore whether it’s OK to submit or not?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Make sure your device isn’t on silent mode, I think that causes issues if I remember correctly.


Hi, I’m also getting the same issue. Have put phone on non-silent. I have iPhone SE running iOS 13.3, funnily enough same thing happens when I try to record a verification video for Starling bank.

Is Microphone enabled in privacy settings?

Microphone and camera both enabled in monzo settings