Video ID Verification not working on my

i’ve try to do a Video ID Verification for 20 times and seems not working.
i got the beta version 2.55.1 App on Oreo 8.1 Android system.
Could anyone help please.

You need to provide more detail. In what way isn’t it working? What errors are you getting? What steps are you taking? What have you tried to do to resolve it etc?

after recording keep asking to record again

Hi @Massou, sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the ID verification.

Have you tried completely force closing the app and trying again?

It may also be worth deleting and reinstalling the app and giving it another try that way.

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I’ve tried to open an account on the app and reached to the verification ID section asking for a video.i’ve record my video but keeping coming back to the same process.
Hope I’m clear now.

You also need to be in a properly lit area when videoing so it’s clear.

What phone do you have?
Are you filming the video in good lighting and with you in focus?

yes outdoor.i’m using huawei mate 20 pro
but stiil not working

How does the video look if you play it back to yourself - if you can?
Is this thread helpful?

It flickers between the video and random colours on the screen

Then I think you need to contact support and ask them to enable you to use an external camera app rather than the embedded solution

Ah right I see okay,


How can I contact support to ask to enable me using an external camera app please.


Thanks will send them an email.