[Android] Selfie video not working on Huawei phone


Selfie video not working on Huawei phone
Works to record but when I play back it flickers between colours and the video itself

Sometimes says no audio in video
Details to reproduce:
Getting a pin reminder on the app

Huawei p8 lite 2017

App Version:

Hard to get screen shots for

Will happily help to give more information

Try their new OS when it comes out :slight_smile: Or buy a different phone where the Supplier is not banned for the use of their equipment within the infrastructure for 5G. It’s always going have an effect on the Consumer!

Have you got any software updates to your OS? Security Patches etc? The phone is 2 years old… Upgrade coming soon maybe?

On a serious note, Monzo would need to look into this I would expect from a Validation Process issue for new Accounts?

I see what you mean

I’m fully up to date, not that that means anything with Android OEMs

I would expect a phone to last longer than 2 years

After 4 years of daily use I would say it’s acceptable to fail

I do kinda think that it is quite important to fix this issue on Monzo though

It seems to be quite integral to certain parts of the app

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Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Monzo?

I agree Sam. Monzo Developers should be looking into this to find out the cause, whether they find it an issue with the App or down to your OS on your phone. I work for a software company myself, but not Development, but see issues like this.

This is the kind of stuff that holds me back from jumping to a digital bank.

Hope you get answers soon.

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Some phones have problems with photo/video capture when embedded inside apps, but if you contact Monzo support, they can toggle a setting in your account that makes the Monzo app defer to your system camera app instead, which should work better.
But this isn’t exactly discoverable - IMO this should be an option for the user after a capture fails

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Sounds like a good idea, if that option is not visible to the user, then maybe get the App to advise the user to this section if it fails. (i.e. the option only becomes available if this fails? My guess is generic functionality but might only ever happen for certain phones)


Yeah I agree

App should enter a compatibility mode if it fails

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No I haven’t

I might try

Being as if half works and half doesn’t though my guess would be that it’s a bug rather than a corrupt file

I recently signed up and experienced exactly the same thing. Also noticed that the “take a picture” button in the receipt function also doesn’t work (my screen goes white and then goes back to the same screen as before, plus fingerprint login if enabled). @sherrattsp is that the same with you?
I’m in the process of raising a bug report re. the receipt photo fault via in-app chat so hopefully there will be some progress soon (especially if the two bugs are related, which I’m guessing they are).
I’m using the same device as @sherrattsp: a Huawei P8 Lite 2017

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Yes, I’m using the exact same device as you, same issues as you described.

Huawei seem to have issues with quite a few devices. They have had quite a few issues with garmin devices aswell.

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