Camera not capturing identity video on Android (Lenovo P2 and few other phones)

When I try to take my verification video the camera won’t save the video. It seems to record fine but when I watch it back its just a black screen. It seems to be a problem with the screen camera since the photo of the driving license works fine.

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this might help but if you’re already trying to do the verfication you prob know all thats in the video

from looking at previous posts from people with similar problems they mostly get directed to contact in-app support, failing that you can email


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Hi @stuartbowe. Is the camera recording fine in other apps or also black? If it’s black everywhere, then you might have some hardware or software problems. :scream: But regardless of the answer, it won’t solve your verification problem, I’m just being curious! :smiley:

You should contact Monzo support via in-app chat, they might be able to help you diagnose the problem with the camera (maybe it’s a problem in Monzo app that will affect all lenovio p2?) and/or maybe offer some alternatives to complete verification? :smiley:

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It works fine using the camera app which is the only one I’ve ever used the front camera for. Could I record the message and then attach it to an email to get verified? I only just got a golden ticket so I can’t use any of the features of the app yet.

As a Rich mentioned, you can contact the support team by emailing (or if you prefer, send them a DM on Twitter) & they’ll be able to walk you through the alternative ways for you to complete the process :slight_smile:

This is still broken.

Could you let support know (in-app chat or from the same email address you registered with) if at all possible? We can set a flag that allows the app to try an alternative method that works with some phones that our standard camera capture method has issues with.

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Has the app got permission to access the camera and storage?

The app has the required permissions. Last time I ended up sending a photo by email to monzo. Now that I’m trying to upgrade from a pre-paid card to a full account I’m having the same problem

When I go through the security of setting up a current account, when I get to the short video section, it seems like it doesn’t record anything- the video after is just a black screen that I can’t upload. Any help with this? Screenshot_20171213-141930

The post from @RichardR further up this thread tells you the way to go with this.

Thanks for showing this! @Feathers

This still does not work

Just attempting to sign up and I too have hit a wall at the Video ID part, won’t take or save video but the phone will take video’s of everything else

Android, Samsung galaxy


Uninstalled App and reinstalled it, that worked a treat, now have an account with money deposited :slight_smile:

As this appears to be an ongoing, long term problem going from the dates of posts, I would query a bug in downloading from a “Golden Ticket” link as I originally did (second time from Google)

Hope that helps :slight_smile: