Can't use Monzo for direct debit with More Than

I’ve got a quote for More Than which was really good but when I came to enter the direct debit details it failed validation. I just phoned now and they’ve said Monzo and American Express are the only banks they can’t use. I understand American Express as they’re not Visa/Mastercard so need supporting as a separately but I though direct debits “just worked” when you give a sort code and account number. Is this a problem with Monzo or MoreThan?

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It’s More Than.

But direct debit is nothing to do with Visa/Mastercard. Were you trying to pay with your card or set up a direct debit?

If you email they will speak to them about it (No idea how quickly though, the answer is probably not quickly)

I was confused when she was talking about American Express as I was trying to setup direct debit only. I wasn’t trying to pay anything by card! I’ll email acceptance, maybe the more people mention a company the quicker they try and resolve things. Thanks @Revels!

From what I’ve read, organisations are wrong to do this. OTOH, I haven’t time to be sorting things out on behalf a bank.

I expect things to work and that’s one of the reasons Monzo is not ready to be my main current account.


The stupid thing is that they will have customers that pay them via direct debit with Monzo if they had it with another bank and then used CASS.

I pay for my More Than pet insurance via direct debit from my Monzo account.

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I’ve had a similar problem. MoreThan let me set up a policy but when the first scheduled payment was due, they wrote to me saying the bank refused it. I know that’s cobblers, as I’ve never had a notification to say the direct debit has been set up in the first place. Looks like I’ll have to call them every month to make a card payment.

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