Credit Card Direct Debit from Monzo not allowed

Hi all,

New to the community so hoping someone can help me.

Monzo is my only bank account and I am perfectly happy with it that way. After some years of debt, which I am finally clear of, I wanted to take out a credit card to help build up my credit.

Got accepted for one, but I had to set up a direct debit (which I wanted to do anyway). Then got told they would not accept Monzo and I had to use a “proper current account”.

So not been able to proceed with this? Help? Anyone?


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That’s odd… mind me asking who the credit card is with?


Vanquis is the overall provider. (I know, I know).

But I need to start somewhere, and am gonna use it a little and pay it off every month. Well, that was the plan anyway.

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Did they tell you on the phone or via automated approach online?

They told me on the phone and would not budge on it.

Well they are at fault there, but not much help for you

Worthwhile mentioning this to Monzo in app or email as there is a team that deals with card acceptance

I think the particular email address is but maybe someone else can confirm?


Thank you. I will ask in the app.

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Would be interesting to get a recording of them saying Monzo isn’t a proper current account…you know for the lawyers and such.



I replied and said “it is a proper account”.

Imagine, I want to take out a card to build up my credit and the apparent solution is for me to take out another bank account. Genius.


Could you use Credit Ladder or Loqbox or some sort to build up a decent credit rating before applying for a better credit card?

Sounds like Vanquis have a bit of an attitude problem from your conversations!


I didn’t know about either of those options. That’s great. Thank you!

I’ve got Vanquis among many other cards. (Amazon/Aqua…etc)

Nothing wrong with them at all. As long as you pay it off in full each month on time all cards are the same.

But Monzo is a standard current account like any others. sort code and account number. What more do they need? Very odd.

‘money supermarket credit monitor’ is quite a new app. Great information on there about your credit score and brings in your bank accounts which includes MONZO!

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I have a vanquis card and set up a direct debit within Monzo

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Perhaps ring them back up and speak to someone else. You might have got a operator who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

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I get the feeling it wasn’t just the operator. Because I had to repeat my details a couple of times, which I think means the system wasn’t accepting it.

But I might try again.

I opened an account at the weekend, they had the exact same stance with me. I tried using my Monzo account and they said unless I can provide another account to pay the direct debit from I could not open the account. I stated they should be considered as a proper bank like Barclays etc, but they said they don’t work with Monzo. Must be because they still consider Monzo as the old school prepaid account.

Luckily I keep my Barclays account for situations like this and for gadget insurance.

I told them my old account details, once I get my card I will log into the online portal and change my direct debit to Monzo.

The Vanquis app happily lets you setup a DD with Monzo

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It’s absolute madness that they won’t accept it for opening, but then allow you to change over the details once it’s open. That makes exactly zero sense.

But they wouldn’t allow me to open it without setting up the direct debit first :face_with_raised_eyebrow: