Direct Debits with Revolut


Has anyone had any experience of paying by Direct Debit with Revolut?

It was going fairly swimmingly with three low key, low amount DD’s ticking on fine.

I since set up a DD for my Amex which was rejected. Revolut told me they don’t support US DD’s I informed them it isn’t. Specialist team said no mandate received, so I got Amex to resubmit under another reference. Not been rejected yet but not been that long either.

Set up one for my train pass, due on the 6th didn’t come out. WMCA are saying it was called for so must be some sort of setup, but it never left, Revolut advisors say they can only see what I can see (aka no DD until one has gone out). Its gone to a bank transfer team who can liase with the third party payment processor.

One selling point from my Monzo experience here, you see the DD as soon as its set up.

If these issues persist I’ll switch the DD’s back to Monzo or to my bills account.

Has anyone else had similar issues?

This is the help section for Monzo, not all help.

You may have more luck here

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All talking about a glow card & got closed for flags, but yes I should have gone for fintech chat :joy:

I suspect this is due to some businesses failing to keep their sort code databases up to date.

Revolut’s sort code would therefore not be recognised as valid, and cause the Direct Debit setup to fail.

Sometimes you can get them to force it to go through manually, other times you are stuck and need to use a different bank. There’s little you can do as a customer other than complain to the businesses involved.

Either way, it’s not Revolut’s fault - it’s the businesses.

Yeah I did try it manually, no luck. Both ends are investigating but I think you’re right. Hey ho, I can just pay it by card. Gives you more time to pay and avoids refunded amounts being direct debited also

Use Monzo!

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I’ve had issues with DD’s to Amex disappearing with Monzo also

Got this response from Revolut, seems it is to do with Amex submitting the same mandate references and it clashing with a previous cancellation (which Amex told me to do, FYI)

‘Thank you for waiting, I have now an update from our team regarding your direct debit on your account, the reason for the mandate failure is that the mandate reference is the same in all cases as a previously cancelled Direct Debit mandate. In this case, the team is asking if do you want to reactivate the same mandate on your account? If yes, our team stated that you must contact Amex regarding this and request them to send us a unique mandate ID from their end to directly to Revolut.’

I’ve asked them to set it up with a new mandate reference, so let’s see…

That makes no sense to be fair, unless I’m mistaken. If I submit a DD for a credit card then that reference number is exactly the same until that card gets replaced. So in this case of course it’s going to be the same reference, how could it be any different.

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I’ve cancelled and set up again with Monzo without any issue, so not completely convinced this is true

I have no reason to lie, I’m not doing PR for anybody. First time I set it up, it disappeared. Only difference is Monzo staff managed to get it reinstated by amending the reference to the full card number - it’s was an Amex problem - they provided a reference a few digits short and when Monzo amended it, it stayed. This was from a CASS relating to the initial setup, not a cancellation and reinstation.

I was told by Amex to cancel the mandate due to a refund not coming off the DD (the same has happened a few years later with this issue…) , when it was reinstated it disappeared on Monzo again - I messaged Monzo and they said ‘do you want it active or not’, again they got it back up and running.

So yes, issues with both, Monzo solved it more readily though. I’m not saying my experiences are universal for either company…

I thought the same, Amex did state that they have setup a brand new direct debit mandate which will have a Unique ID. I got them to give me a clear answer on this, although the process felt very similar to a reinstating previously which failed.

Agent stated ‘it was set up as a new direct debit, which generates a unique ID’ let’s see? I still think it’ll pretty much mirror the card number

Tbh, I think it’s an issue with Revolut - because as you say Amex attribute it via the card number and the same would apply if you paid them by bank transfer. Perhaps the folly of relying on a third party payment processor?