Direct Debits with Revolut


Has anyone had any experience of paying by Direct Debit with Revolut?

It was going fairly swimmingly with three low key, low amount DD’s ticking on fine.

I since set up a DD for my Amex which was rejected. Revolut told me they don’t support US DD’s I informed them it isn’t. Specialist team said no mandate received, so I got Amex to resubmit under another reference. Not been rejected yet but not been that long either.

Set up one for my train pass, due on the 6th didn’t come out. WMCA are saying it was called for so must be some sort of setup, but it never left, Revolut advisors say they can only see what I can see (aka no DD until one has gone out). Its gone to a bank transfer team who can liase with the third party payment processor.

One selling point from my Monzo experience here, you see the DD as soon as its set up.

If these issues persist I’ll switch the DD’s back to Monzo or to my bills account.

Has anyone else had similar issues?

This is the help section for Monzo, not all help.

You may have more luck here

All talking about a glow card & got closed for flags, but yes I should have gone for fintech chat :joy: