PIN Reset woes


This is a bit of a chain of catastrophes starting with me forgetting my PIN (well, that is, my password manager app didn’t save it properly) and snowballing from there…

Following on from [] Typo in online help, I tried to reset my PIN using the app but for whatever reason it didn’t like sound on the authentication video I took.

When I tried again it just showed an error saying the previous attempt had failed and to try again, but trying again just repeated this loop indefinitely.

So I went into the chat window in the app and reported this issue, and I got connected to one of your customer support staff who advised to delete the app and reinstall it.

After spending about 20 minutes trying to work out how to turn off restrictions on iOS 13 so I could delete the app (it’s called “ScreenTime” now instead of “Restrictions”, btw) I removed the app and reinstalled it, but when I launched the app it asked me for… drum roll… my PIN.

So now I don’t know my PIN and I’ve lost access to the app on my phone.

I called your phone customer services number, but that just put me on hold for 5 minutes then disconnected me.

Can you please advise what I need to do to get a PIN reminder / reset?

It’s kind of an emergency because I’ve just started a new job that uses a proprietary payment card for the in-house canteen and I can’t top it up until I’ve got my PIN to validate a debit card payment in their portal, so I’m completely coffee-less until I get my PIN and the app back up and running :frowning:.



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Sorry for the trouble you’ve had with your PIN, when you’re at the stage where you need to enter your PIN, there should be three dots (Android) in the top left corner, giving you the option to go through a PIN recovery.

On an iPhone, instead of the three dots, it should say “I forgot my PIN”.

Tap on that, and you’ll go through the PIN recovery process then see your PIN :+1:


Ah, fab. That worked.

For completeness, you need to have the CCV off the back of the card available to recover it that way, but it works fine.