Monzo left me without access to my card for 4 days

So a few weeks ago I queried a few transactions on my account. Due to security I ordered a new card and monzo provided me with a new pin number which is fully understandable and that’s fine.

However, some 1 week later I had not been notified of the new pin number. Last Saturday I was at the football and tried to transfer some money but it requested my pin number, as I was only aware of the old one I I put that. It blocked my card, I called up and also opened a chat log I was told to send a picture of my I’D along with a selfie. As I was at the football I didn’t have any I’D on me so I was asked to send a picture of me holding some paper with the date on it (in the middle of the pub) so I did. I still receieved no pin recovery still nd was left in an awkward spot as I was not atillndt home and in the pub before watching liverpool. I managed to activate the magstrip once and the contact less once the rest of the transactions were rejected which was highly embarrassing, I forgot the whole thing and decided to get this sorted the following day, after all in order to recover my pin I only need to send a picture of my ID and a recorded video requesting this… well No!! I sent all this information in 3 times on the Sunday, as this was now a matter of urgency as I was taking my nephew away for 4 days as his father was ill and in hospital. After sending the documentation 3 times I waited and waited and still had no response in relation to my PIN or even from live chat help. So I called, took me 3 times to get through, eventually I did and was told I would need to unintelligible the app and reinstall it as this may have affected them receievin the recovery my pin documentation necessary. Upon reinstalling the app it asked for my pin number just to get into my account, you can imagine the frustration as I didn’t have this and now after several hours of fucking about I was in a worse position than before. I spoke to several people and they were as helpful as they could be but explained they didn’t have any expertise and we’re merely a customer service department and I would need to go through live chat. Given I was waiting an hour for a response see each time, whilst on a break with my nephew it was probably the most stressful experience I have ever been through, and I was with TSB when the system went down for 5 weeks so that’s saying something. I was told that the only thing I could do was try contact less but there was no guranteed it would work. I eventually receievd my PIN number on the Tuesday bu this was too late I had to cut short the break with my nephew and return home as I had no access to my account. I logged a formal complaint, and was told they would get back to me within 4 days. It’s now been 6 and I haven’t heard anything. I originally though monzo was fantastic but this experience was terrible, not just for me but the impact it had on my 5 year old nephew is unforgivable, I too him away to help him try and relax after being under so much stress with his father. Unbelievable

Yeah. I just use Monzo as a spending card. I have at least one traditional bank card with me in case of Monzo failure.

Why couldn’t you just view your PIN in the app? :confused: or authorise any payments while out with your face/fingerprint?

B cause when I went to ‘recover my pin’ it asked for ID and a selfie for verification. I don’t usually just have monzo, I didn’t have my other bank card with me so could access that so I transferred money over to my monzo… if they access re claiming to be ‘a bank’ then surely we can trust them to act as any other bank?

They don’t just claim it. They are a bank.

Ahh perhaps it is because you reported your last card as lost/stolen. Makes sense that they would do this otherwise technically the person using your last card could have just re-ordered and continued using it with no questions asked :slight_smile:

So why would you take a reserve incase it failed? It’s almost as if you expect issues. I wouldn’t take my barclays card incase my Santander failed if you get Me? You don’t expect that ti happen surely


Because my past experience with Monzo is that it fails on occasion.

And why have a single point of failure with anything you rely on?

I don’t have the problems you had because I approached things differently.

I hope you get it fixed. Sorry to hear of the trouble; the sort of thing I’d rather avoid.

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to be fair, which bank hasnt had card problems at some point

I struggle to recall a time when I’ve had a legacy bank card fail me. Not saying it’s never happened but my experience is good.

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I’ve no idea. But I use my Monzo card nearly every day, and two days ago I had a transaction which failed. It went through first time with my Visa credit card. I’ve learned through experience that when using Monzo, it makes sense to have an alternative method of payment available for those (quite rare) occasions when it doesn’t work.

As a side comment,I don’t know of any mainstream bank that has a dedicated email address like

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Obviously after this experience I will have a reverse. My point is I should have to however that’d fine. But when you follow the steps to recover your pin (which states will take 10 minutes) and actually takes 4 days, then advised to delete the app only to be locked out completely is what’s ridiculous.