Impossible to recover PIN


I stupidly bloked my PIN after 3 wrong attempts and have been trying to recover it. When I try to use again the application and I re enter the correct PIN it tells me /Personal Account cards 4 digit it says PIN blocked and when I click on recover PIN nothing happens. Please note that I am now travelling in Japan which may create this issue.

Very grateful if you could let me know what to do.


Do you know your PIN? If you’re sure of it, you should be able to unlock it at any Mastercard-compatable ATM, though I’m not sure if they’re common in Japan.

Alternatively, if you tap the ‘View PIN/Card number’ button underneath your card and view your PIN (which requires an internet connection, and if you don’t have biometric authentication setup, ID verification via a video), it’ll unblock it remotely, and you should be able to use your card in any card reader, after which the PIN will work again (though this is very temperamental, with iffy support even in the UK, so I have my doubts it’d work in Japan).

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Thank you Liam. Sorry if I was unclear, my problem is not with the card, which I can use but only with the application. It request me to enter my PIN code which I know and then tells me to recover the PIN as it was blocked.

When I click recover PIN from the app, then nothing happens. So I cannot access the app…

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What phone are you using, Android or iPhone? Is it the same PIN that locks your phone? Or do you have a separate one set up for Monzo?

Reach out to support in the app, if you can’t get into the app, email them at: :slight_smile:

Try reinstalling the app, it sounds like a bug that the identity verification page isn’t launching.

Hi All
Thank you very much for your responses.
I tried to reinstall but still unable to access to my account from the app.
Will contact as suggested


Hey I’m literally have the same issue, can I ask if you’ve gotten it fixed yet and what you did?

You’ll have to contact

On the grounds that this is over 6 months old and a new thread has been started for the same topic, let’s not discuss it in 2 places at once.