Feeling a little let down

Ok, can’t imagine this is a completely unheard of situation, but it was dealt with as if I was speaking a different language.

I bought a new phone so was in the process of moving my Monzo over, I uninstalled the app from my old phone and downloaded it to the new one, attempting to set it up I was asked for my pin, brainfade I couldn’t remember it, so I rang CS who suggested I request my pin via the app, yet the whole issue was I was unable to access the app. CS suggested I initiate a chat which I was able to, after locking my pin, I jumped through the hoops sending pictures of me with my ID etc, but yet again there was no help other than request my pin via the app.

Is it really that unusual a situation, surely there should be some simple mechanism to request a pin, even by post, for people who are unable to access the app. And CS should really be able to understand that if you can’t access the app you can’t get your pin.

Which would work if the OP didn’t need their PIN to get round SCA and get into the app

Seems COps have forgotten about SCA


Hey, I’m really sorry we’ve let you down here Alun.

When you go to log into your app, after you’ve tapped the magic link in your email and you’re on the page to enter your PIN, you should see an option in the top right of the screen which you can tap to then request your PIN. I’ve attached a picture of how it should look to try and help! Screenshot_20200307-135949_Monzo|236x500

Can you see that option in your app? :thinking:


The option was there and I completed the tasks, but failed to receive any kind of response, but from past experience don’t you provide the pin reminder via the app, I was unable to access in the first place.

We would show your PIN in app if you’re logged in, but when you’re not you should get a notification to let you know your PIN is ready to view but it sounds like that hasn’t happened for some reason :pensive:

There’s a work around though! If you tap back on the “forgot PIN” option, you can access your PIN. Depending how long ago you did the PIN recovery you might have to go through it again (sorry), but if you do that and wait ten minutes (which is the maximum time it should take us to process the PIN reminder) and then tap back on that forgot PIN option you should be shown your PIN :blush:


Yeah that didn’t happen, even this morning I was still getting the forgotten PIN message with the same instructions to record a message. No harm as I say I remembered the PIN so all is good now.

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