Verifying your account information

I have recently got my app blocked during signing up of Monzo account. A message showing ’ your account information is verifying’ this may take 48 hours.

48 hours have passed but app still blocked.

Can any one help me?

Could be to do with the bank holiday feel free to drop them an email though

Hi Muhammad, & welcome :wave:

The verification process has reportedly taken up to 2-3 days in the past and given that this is a bank holiday weekend, plus the extra burden on :monzo: with the ongoing pandemic situation, it may take longer than usual.

If you’ve now hit the 48 hour mark, then you must have applied on Saturday. Saturday on a bank holiday weekend means a (normal) verification would actually start processing on Tuesday morning (tomorrow). So I’d guess that you’d be verified within the 48-hour window by Thursday morning.

I’d contact Monzo if no response by the end of business on Thursday.

More information on sign-up related issues here;

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Thanks davidwalton for detailed answer.

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I’ll echo what @davidwalton said, we could probably reword this to “up to two working days” because while we do process new accounts 24/7, the queue for manual checks does get longer over weekends and bank holidays. :slightly_smiling_face: