Verifying account information UK

Hi, I’ve opened a Monzo account and it has been over 7 days and my account is still under verification. Some of my friends have said it should only take 2 days at the maximum. I’m not sure if my account is stuck. I’ve tried contacting Monzo but I haven’t received any feedback. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem and can anyone help me, please?


Hi. Welcome.

All you can do is wait unfortunately. Sometimes there is something in your application that means it needs a manual check, which is why it’s taking longer.

As you can’t get into the app, you can’t talk to support. You could email but you’ll get a response on your application before you get a reply to your email.

Bit fustrating but will contact them and wait


Worth a shot but I’m sure if they needed anything they’d have contacted you first. So I wouldn’t expect other than a generic message similar to the one above about additional checks and :soon: