Monzo App Verifying Account information

I have recently moved to the UK and decided to apply for a Monzo account as it seemed like a super easy application process. However, I am now stuck and exasperated. My Monzo account is stuck on a ‘Verifying Account information’ page. It has now been well over the allocated 48hours. Can anyone help? I would just like an account and do not see how the verification is taking this long? Most people have said they received instant approval/verification?

Most people applying for an account would be British citizens who’ve lived in the UK for a lot of their lives; they’d have enough of a financial footprint for electronic verification systems to approve them quickly. They’re also likely to be on the electoral register.

If you’re a new arrival to the UK I imagine the systems have little to no information on you and maybe someone has to perform a manual check. Wouldn’t be surprised if it takes at least a week.

Some times it can take longer especially if extra checks are needed or if they’re overloaded with work.

As this is a forum of customers, no one here can do anything to help you.

You’ll get a few opinions on what might be going on and maybe posts from others who’ve experienced the same thing telling you what happened to them.

It can take up to 12 days

Thank you for all your kind comments and advice. It is really appreciated :smile: