Verifying my account

Hey, monzo community
It’s been 50 hours since I applied for an account and it still says verifying your account information.
I seen on google I should try reinstall the app I did and still the same thing.

Hi Benny,

It can take a few working days if extra verification is needed, you can email but I would wait until at least Thursday when it’s been 2 full working days.

Email replies are slow so bear that in mind.

Reinstalling the app won’t do anything, it’s not a problem with the app, it’s waiting for Monzo to make their decision.

All you can do is sit and wait really.

You’ve just got to wait I’m afraid. It sounds like they need more time to make some additional checks and things.

Nobody knows how much longer, and it would of course depend on what extra checks they need to do which nobody knows either.


Opening a current account with us
How quickly do we open personal current accounts?
We give customers an account number and enable them to start paying into the account:

The same day, for 86% of customers
On average, in 1 day; and
Within 12 days for 99% of customers
Note: These figures are based on the time taken from receiving all the information and documents we ask for on this page, in a case where we don’t need any further information or documents to open the account.


Nice fact find! I’ve not seen that before

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They also have the same here for business accounts: Monzo – Information about our Business Current Account Services

Thank you!

I saved your post with this info for business accounts, good that they do it for personal accounts too!