The verification has taken a week for my monzo card

I applied for a monzo last week and they are still verifying my account information and yes I deleted the app and reinstalled but it still wont work

Hi. Welcome.

Deleting/reinstalling the app won’t do anything, all you can do is wait for the decision in the app.

You could email and find out what the problem is.

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They’re just doing their due diligence.

If you look in the help articles or on the Monzo website it states that it takes up to 11 days:

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I very much doubt they’d tell you anything. If there was an issue that communication would solve then they’d have communicated.

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Won’t do any harm just asking for an update.

Could be stuck for all OP or Monzo knows.

Emailing is completely pointless in this situation.

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First hand experience or just an assumption?

Zero harm asking the question, even if they said oh yeah still looking into it.

Years of people on here using email to ask the same thing the app has already told them.

If OP emails, they’ll get a reply in a few days saying to keep an eye on the app and that they can’t reveal any details.

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