Verification almost over a week

I applied for a Monzo account using my driving license at the start of the week, it said verification would be between 5 minutes and 48 hours and I’ve still not been verified, my partner applied this morning using her driving license and got verified instantly, I’ve emailed the Monzo help email address and have still heard nothing back, any help would be really appreciated

You’ll need to contact Monzo. Details of how in my bio.

All you can do is wait. Emailing will just tell you to wait for in app verification.

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It may be worth calling them if you’ve waited a week. This happened to me, and it was because me email was already registered to a previously closed account.

The customer team sorted it out really simply

Thanks, I gave them a call earlier and the man told me that it’s different times for everyone and that if anything pops up I will receive an email. That’s all I’ve been told but I hope it verifies soon lol. Many thanks :slight_smile:


i took about a week for me to be verified but i was a returning customer opening a new account so there was a whole lot of faffing about in the back ground , it might be worth a call in a couple of days time just to check again as in my case some one was supposed to have pushed a button on day 6 and didnt press it hard ennough and was sorted out on that call