Hi, I have been waiting 6 days for verification, the app states upto 48 hours, no helpline to communicate with a human being,! has anyone any ideas, I have emailed them today but still no reply !

Hi. Welcome.

It can take upto a 11 days for verification in some instances. Calling/emailing won’t speed it up or get you any info, all you can do is sit tight and wait for the app to give you an update.

Opening a current account with us

How quickly do we open personal current accounts?

We give customers an account number and enable them to start paying into the account:

  • The same day, for 89% of customers
  • On average, in 1 day; and
  • Within 11 days for 99% of customers

Ok thanks, I think they should state what the waiting time is on the Monzo App.

Regards …Gary.