Opening an account waiting time

I have applied for a monzo account and its been more than a week it still says verifying your information and takes 48 hours. Can anyone help.

Hi Mohammad :wave:

Welcome to the Community! We don’t offer support directly over the Community but we can try and point you in the right direction.

The review process is usually done quite quickly but there is occasions where this can take longer. We’d have to recommend keeping an eye on the app for an update or you can reach out to our team over email at or by giving our team a call on 0800 802 1281 :phone:


I have sent an email twice in the past 2 weeks but not getting any response.

So give them a call?

Sorry you haven’t received a response as yet :broken_heart:

As I’ve said, we’re unable to chase up account specific information over the Community so I’d have to recommend the options I gave in my first reply.

I have just called they said its normal and could take up to 28 days. SO LONG

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As a regulated bank, we do need to make necessary checks and sometimes this can take a bit of time.

As you’ve been able to get an update from our team over the phone, I’ll go ahead and close this Topic in the meantime.