Verify my phone number?

Hi! It won’t let me verify my phone number? How do I fix this please.

You’re going to have to give more details than this please. What steps are you taking, what errors are you getting and have you any screenshots?

People who have reported similar found that they were registering for an account again instead of logging in. This is why they were getting an error that the number was already being used.

Hope this helps

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So I’ve deleted my old account and making a new one with a different account. It just says ‘unable to verify phone number’ and doesn’t give me any other options… I deleted my old account about 6am this morning and have been trying to make a new one since 9am. Could that be the reason? Is there someone that could help me?

I would imagine your phone number is still tied to your old account?

Why would you want to delete and account and open another one immediately?


Yeah I’m still confused and no clearer as to what steps she has taken or anything.

I think your best bet is to telephone Monzo on: 0800 802 1281


In most cases you would be better off reopening your account, but hard for me personally to understand why someone would want to recycle their accounts so quickly

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I deleted and opened a new because I wanted to start fresh! I was only asking if anyone knew a solution. Have emailed and called no answer yet.

Fingers crossed you will get a response soon :crossed_fingers:

As mentioned earlier perhaps under some banking regulations/law they need to keep your personal data on file for a certain amount of time after you close your account. Then when you’ve gone to create a new one it is seeing that your phone number is already registered :man_shrugging:

I’m sure Monzo will sort it for you soon :slight_smile:

I know this is easier to say in hindsight but if you wanted a fresh start, in app chat would have been your best port of call. I’m sure they will have been able to reset everything for you quicker and less destructively than deleting your account and re-applying.

Ah, so as @Ordog says we keep this information on file for 6 years :+1:

If you did want to reopen your account we’d be able to do that, but we wouldn’t be able to just create a new account unfortunately :frowning:

You would need to ask us in the chat or ping an email to :+1: