Verification problem

I am new to Monzo but my sign up is stalled on verification (more than 48 hours). Email leads to screen inviting me to respond to email recursively! Help!

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Hi @Daicollins,

Have you checked your junk folder for the magic link email? That’s where mine went!


Yes - clicking on the link leads to a page telling me to locate the email and click on the link!

Hey @Daicollins,

Have you tried right clicking on the link in the email and copying it then manually pasting it in your browser. If on Android please try the default browser (Chrome), if on iPhone please use Safari.

Also, are you clicking it on your phone or computer?

Weirdly enough clicking an old magic link when already logged into Monzo brings up this screen:


Which seems a bit silly.

I was using my phone to access the page. Is this a problem?

No, you should be doing that.

The only other thing I can suggest is to delete the app, reinstall, try signing up again - it should send another email which should hopefully work. If not, the only other thing I can think of is to email