Verification of identity

How do I find out whether my identity has been verified?

You can send in-app question to support. I did it as well, as I wasn’t sure. Seems like quickest way to find out,and if not, you need to get in touch with them to be verified.

I think you can check your limits in Settings too. ATM withdrawal limit is lower and probably other limits too. For verified user, monthly ATM withdrawal limit is £1000/month (3k yearly).

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Marta’s excellent answer pretty much covers everything there :wink:

Just in case you can’t find it, here’s a link to the breakdown of Monzo’s limits for verified vs unverified users, for comparison with the limits in your settings -

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Thanks for your replies. I got in touch with Monzo support as suggested
and they answered the question for me.

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I think it might be helpful to be able to find this information somewhere in your settings, maybe with a link to complete the verification process if you haven’t already?


@Naji I think it should be priority to prompt user if user is not verified (below name in the app, show Unverified as link, triggering verification process). Once user verifies, no need to display Verified status near name, seems useless.

Then, as you said, full details about account status should be found in settings, so users can double check.

I think I’ve seen few users posting on forums that they were on a trip&unverified, because they didn’t know they need to verify. Avoiding this situation feels important, that’s why I’m thinking about this Unverified status clearly visible.

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Yep, I think this needs to be a lot clearer for customers, currently only people who fail certain ID verification checks on sign up receive these prompts. It’s especially important since for unverified customers, the first time they realise they need to verify their identification is likely to be when they run into issues withdrawing money or spending on their card (and already stressful situation, particularly if you’re abroad!)

Something like this could work, there’s probably a few design considerations to be made too.

discussed mid december - seems to be a problem that users don’t realise that without verification they won’t be able to withdraw cash from ATMs whilst on holiday - quite disappointing for them and the Monzo experience of good FX rates - do they then bin the card for being unreliable ? I must have seen 5 or 6 posters “complaining” that the card didn’t work in foreign ATMs either through mag strip issues or verification - mostly answered here in the community , but there must be so many of the 100,000 + users that don’t post / read the forum and just end up disappointed in the Monzo magical experience of a bank card that doesnt work without knowing why ;-(

As long as it’s not as intrusive as Paypal website telling me to provide picture to complete my profile for many months now… :rolling_eyes:

For future reference…here’s Monzo’s video guide to verifying your identity -

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