What limit am i on?

Hey! So my card just arrived and i am trying to figure out my limits. I have read the FAQ and the terms etc and it says that in settings under limits it should tell me at the top what limit category i am in but there is no such mention that i can see on my app. In my spending and top up limits page at the top it just says " after identity verification". Does this mean i have been verified already and the limits on the page are what i am currently on? I have not supplied any documents but i am assuming they can verify most people without having to supply identity information as most banks just run a check or whatever to verify you if you are on the electoral role / have a mortgage etc

Just wondering where i stand currently as i do not want to be caught out while traveling or something and cant access my money!



Yes it does and yes, you are correct in the reasoning. Monzo can automatically verify you if you appear in various records such as the electoral role! :thumbsup:

The only current limit higher than what you are currently on is an extended verification. The exact details of eligibility for that are not public but using your Monzo card regularly seems to be a good first step.


I’ve put together a small guide explaining how to check your limits in each app here -

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This could also be helpful :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! I just think they could make it a bit easier to understand which level of verified you are instead of just listing " After Identity Verification" as this could mean many things. A simple Verified etc would be much easier.

Thanks :slight_smile: I will check it out!

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Thanks i spoke with the Team in the app and i was automatically verified so all is good. I just wish it was a little clearer!

This doesn’t solve the issue 100% and is in the very early stages but the new help pages rolling out soon should help to make things a little more clear. :eyes:

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