Utter rubbish

I have now been waiting over a week for a resolution to my account use my own bank account to top up had all my wages diverted to this and not one single update or reply to my messages today I have 28p left and my wages cannot be paid cause monzo are not responding to any messages. If this is the service you are offering then maybe u should not be operating :rage::rage:

Not much we can do here as we do not work for Monzo.

Maybe your work didn’t change your account correctly.


That’s true. Unfortunately if help@monzo.com are unable to help you, I doubt that anyone on the forum can.

I know it doesn’t help you at all with your situation, but your problems aren’t typical of Monzo service


don’t really know what the problem is , but as has been mentioned - it cant be solved on the public forum without knowing the details , maybe @cookywook or @brenda from Monzo staff could contact you to find out some more details and try and sort it out for you ?


To me this sounds like your employer hasn’t entered your bank details correctly from what I understand. Could you try and explain the issue in a bit more detail in the correct order of even’ts just so we are clear where the issue falls?

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Hi Trey, we’re really sorry to hear you’ve had this experience with us. It’s certainly not how we want our users to feel. This forum isn’t designed to accept account help queries (discussing private details on a public forum is probably not the best way to go) but here’s how you can get in touch:

  • You can email help@monzo.com (emailing us using the email address you’ve used to sign up to Monzo is the best thing to do as we can associate your query with your Monzo account)
  • Call us at 0800 802 1281
  • Private message us on our Facebook or Twitter pages

We have 24/7 service on all of these channels. Please get in touch, Trey, we’d really love to help you.


The problem is I have been
Trying for 7 days to resolve this and my money hasn’t gone in due to a technical problem on behalf of monzo and now I only have 28p left for tonight and can’t sort this till Friday

I have been trying to resolve and everyone keeps saying oh the chat is in the other window Chloe Caitlin Keri and if you want me to keep naming I can cause I have the chat history they haven’t bothered at all typically answers in 15mins and I get answered in 15 hrs if you like I can upload the chat windows here

If you’re having issues with the chat it may be worth you calling monzo on the number listed above.

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@Trey, our sincere apologies. I’ve taken a look into your account and can confirm that it’s currently being addressed by our technical specialist. You are also currently having a conversation with another one of our Customer Operations team, Hernan. It’s best if you keep your correspondence there in the chat or call us at the number above if you need, Trey. We’re doing all we can to help.


I think people should know that this is not a straight forward account as what your company is portraying

@brenda you try going home with 28p cause of some technical error look at the chat history and the phone logs I have been making every effort to get this resolved and get told Somone will get back to me and they don’t what would you do

I’m sorry to hear this…

Good luck in getting it sorted… :slight_smile:

It actually is very straight forward, I opened my account in minutes with no hassles at all.

Your issue does not speak for the majority, whilst annoying as it is over 500k users have joined and there may have been 0.5% that may have had a problem which is rather small in comparison.

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While I don’t really care about the nitty gritty of things, I think it’s 100% right that unhappy people come and voice it on the forum.

Monzo are about transparency and this helps that.


if its justified I completely agree

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Again, our sincere apologies about the inconvenience you’re experiencing, Trey. I’d like to reassure you that we’re doing all we can to help. I will follow this up with you privately. I think it’s best if we close this thread for the moment, just to avoid any of your personal details from showing here.