Why are your phones unavailable

I am awaiting a payment which should have cleared in my account Monzo the app is playing up and i am very angry

Hi @Laurad89 you can also email help@monzo.com or Monzo will phone you back when they receive your message.

Unfortunately there’s nothing that can be done via the forums and no one is able to help via the forums. I have also taken this opportunity to flag your post to the Monzo team for their attention.

They are contacting me via the app that keeps disappearing

I have tried to call nobody is answering, i have tried to email nobody is responding. And i dont know where my money is it is 19.43 and i have been emailing and calling since 7

I do not want a message via the app as it isnt working

Somebody needs to call me asap. I will say after this i will be looking to close my account

It is absolutely disgraceful

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This forum doesn’t always have staff on. What is wrong with app? Is it the app that’s the problem or can you not find the chat they have replied to?

I would prefer if i was actually contacted rather than advice. It tells you to email and they will respond. I have told the lady via the app i cannot access it for some unknown reason

I am at the end of my tether and my salary was supposed to be paid in it hasnt been.

Try the twitter team. They have been the most helpful for me. I’ve emailed too, no reply. Phone isn’t answered and I can’t even get into the app, let alone use it for in app help.

The twitter team always reply, and quicker than any of the above.

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Hopefully some staff will see your posts here at some stage this evening. If you have twitter you could try that but they should call you back when staff are available

Not really acceptable for supposed 24 hour support is it. Meanwhile im with almost no electric and have been waiting for over 4 hours for this payment which was completed at my employers end

Hi Laura

Sorry you are having trouble getting through to Monzo. :frowning: They are usually amazing with their response times, but given their rapidly growing popularity have been hiring and training a lot of new staff (as quickly as they can) to allow them to get their customer service back up to the standard it was. I appreciate that this doesn’t help you right now, but they will be able to help you resolve your problem very soon.

I know you don’t want advice, but I just wondered if your salary is showing as pending on the app? It should have been showing as pending yesterday if it was due to be paid in today (I am assuming that Monzo is your main account?).

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If it was Bacs transfer you would have had a notification in your feed yesterday and paid at 1am. There was an issue updating the balance for about half an hour affecting some customers but that’s been resolved. There’s been no reports of payment issues today

It was paid and credited today at 4.30. At the very latest it should have been 7pm.

There is nothing pending on my account

Not a bacs payment but a same day payment.

Do you know who their bank is?

If it’s HSBC they have a 2.30pm cut off time


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Sounds like it was a faster payment. It should be through by 2 hours after the payment was made but under PSD rules its allowed to take up to close of business on the following business day but very rarely does unless there’s system issues. unfortunately as already pointed out there’s nothing we can do on the forums.


Hey Laura, it looks like you’ve been speaking with a few of my colleagues over the last half hour via chat.

I’ll have one of them call you back shortly if this is still ongoing. As mentioned, we’re unable to provide detailed support here on the forum so I’ll be closing this thread for now.