Using Trends with Credit Cards that have a supplementary card

Hi All,

I understand that there might be a dependancy here that might get this shut down quite quick, but shy kids get no sweets!

I currently use Monzo to track all of my spending, I have an American Express Credit Card with a supplementary card given to a significant other. When I go to track the spending I am unable to separate our combined spend and sometimes when I am doing trend work I want to see just my spend combined with my Monzo card, not our combined spend.

In the American Express app there is a split which will show whether it’s the main of supplementary card spending. Is there any way to pull this metadata across to trends so we can track Credit Card Supplementary cards as well? It would be great if it showed up as a completely different card within the app, so it can be selected solo or lumped together like you can do with the many other cards you can track in Monzo.


Ooh this is an interesting one.

I’m assuming for this to happen then a) there would need to be the right data in the APIs that Monzo uses, then b) the time and effort by Monzo to integrate this.

Anyone with any insight know about point a)?

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