Summary for users with credit cards

Hi all,

Wondered what thoughts were on people who use credit cards and how this impacts Summary. For me, summary doesn’t work, as i put most of my spending where possible on my Amex Cashback card which is paid off in full each month.

I imagine a lot of the Monzo demographic started off as ‘debit card only’ type users. However as the bank evolves and i imagine even now there are probably a few people who don’t put all their spending through Monzo.

Even if i was to go Full Monzo (as in only current account) when the joint accounts come out (which i’m planning to), the spending tab wouldn’t capture my credit card spend.


I suppose someone cleverer than me could find a way to tie your transactions with your credit card spending when (or if) Open Banking becomes available through :monzo:

I have the same issue. My account spends 29 days of the month with under a couple of hundred quid in it, but next to nothing going out. Summary just tells me I’m going to run out of money.

Hi all - I’m in exactly the same boat. Now that credit cards are coming into the app, it would be really great if Monzo could expand Summary not just to payday, but to show me how my impending credit card bill will affect the following payday, based on the last pay cheque.