Seeing other cards in Monzo

Hi all,

I’ve just bought Monzo Plus so that I can view all my accounts in one place. I want to get a credit card soon so that I can start building my credit score, but Monzo categories are really valuable to me so I can track my spending.

Is there a way I can see the budget/categories view of my spending on the other cards I have added to Monzo? Additionally, is there a way I can have one view where I can see all my spending across multiple cards?


No to both of those, unfortunately.

Ah okay thanks for your quick reply.

The first part has been mentioned/requested a few times so fingers crossed it may happen.

You can do this on the Revolut standard plan (free) . Amex are integrated. You can also get a cumulative balance across all accounts. For my RBS account balance it doesn’t include pending transactions whereas Monzo does. You can also do custom categories without a pay wall. I do have Monzo Plus but I’ll be cancelling it tomorrow unfortunately

It’s not possible yet but see this: A final 2020 Monzo Plus update

Being actively worked on and theoretically should be the next big Monzo plus update if there isn’t anything else being worked on in secret.


I checked out Revolut, seems like it does offer this which would be useful! I’ve been with Monzo for a few years now so I might hold out to see if they introduce better budgeting features for other accounts.

This looks good! Thanks. I hope the surprise is budgeting across all your cards.

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Same here. I’m going to use both accounts going forwards

Me too!