Warning! Accidentally lost all my history in Trends when changing credit card :(

I wanted to swap from one AMEX to another which was better fitted to my needs. Went ahead and did it all, but didn’t realise Monzo didn’t cache/hold a copy of any transactions at all from that old card.

So I lost everything and now my Trends, which I used a lot! Is meaningless :sob::sob::sob:

I don’t know if there’s a way to get this back but I assume not. The old card is gone and I’ve removed it from the Amex app as well.


Yep. This is unfortunately the reality of it.

It’s one reason I find trends useless with connected accounts and why I ultimately decided plus wasn’t worth it as connected accounts loses value as a result too.


Just out of curiosity which Amex?

Swapped from Gold to Platinum Cashback

Ah yes, not eligible for an up/downgrade to keep account history sadly.

Is this not expected behaviour? If I changed from one credit card to another, even within the same institution I wouldn’t expect the history to be shared / kept?

I also wouldn’t expect, if I unlinked a credit card from my connected accounts, the history to be retained within Monzo - otherwise what’s the point of unlinking them?

Sorry if I’m misunderstanding something :thinking:


I would expect when I unlinked it to warn me I’d lose all the transactions I painstakingly categorised over 2 years.

I would expect given that Monzo is storing the categorisation data than when a card disappears I would have the option to keep all the transactions in my history.

It patently makes no sense to have a feature that I’m paying £5 a month for, that I get immense value from but that immediately is completely ruined if you don’t keep every card and connected account literally FOREVER.

Especially given (eg) the gold amex has a £180/yr fee which I may not want to keep forever, and using cards for a year or two while some offer is active is very common.

It’s pretty obvious that the transactions I’m categorising on Monzo’s side should remain in my history for the last few years when I disconnect or cancel a card going forward.

It may be that there’s some legal or data protection issue with doing this, in which case that should be clearly warned at both sign up and disconnection time so you know that all your history will be literally ruined anytime you don’t keep the exact same set of cards and accounts.

Hope that clears things up! :smiling_face:


It would be nice as an option! ‘save all transactions in Monzo’ or something.

If updating your Amex card is going to delete all its trends history, that does really inhibit using Monzo as a budgeting tool as history is extremely important for any budgeting. If I disconnect an account from YNAB, I still have the history for example.


I think this is probably the case - but I’m nowhere near the product to say so definitely. But it’s likely a limitation of what can be done within the legislation (which is pretty prescriptive).

I don’t really use trends - so it was a genuine question!

I will feed this back on Tuesday though!


Thank you, much appreciated!

Apologies if my last post seemed exasperated. It just seems very obvious to me that this isn’t the way it should work. I was pretty shocked to see my last few years of trends completely ruined (I put 90% of my spending on my credit cards for rewards so I basically lost everything except my direct debits).


yes this is why I prefer Emma finance app for this, remembers everything even when disconnecting a card. Surely an easy upgrade if Monzo wanted to…

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Hi Dan, any update on this - did you hear anything back?

Yes this is something that really concerns me also. I use trends and keep my history but I have external accounts for lots of my day to day spending. There is a feature request for keeping transactions after unlinking an account but can’t find the link at present.