Using the Tesco (iOS) app in-store

Not Monzo-specific but a question about the Tesco app. I’ve been trying to use it to shop in-store because it claims to be able to do everything (earn clubcard points and pay) with just one scan of the QR code that it shows on screen.

My question - at what point at the checkout do you scan the QR code? If I do it before I scan what I’ve bought then it accepts it as a clubcard but doesn’t stop the till asking for a payment method when I’m ready to pay. Also not sure what to select as payment method - do you choose the Wallet option? I’ve done that and attempted to present the QR code but nothing happens and I just end up having to use Apple Pay.

I select nothing.

As soon as you’re on that screen where it wants you to select your payment method, you scan the QR code. It applies any discounts, processes the payment and then closes the transaction.


Thank you - this worked!

The checkout staff were useless when I asked them…

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