Monzo added to Tesco PayQwiq - £2 deducted?


I added my Monzo to the Tesco PayQwiq app, and when the card was added £2 was deducted from my card – This was last week and that £2 hasn’t been refunded – I thought it may have been a simple validation payment which you sometimes see, but that was last Thursday. Categorised as Grocery online purchase.

Has anyone else had this happen when logging their Monzo with PayQwiq? Ive not actually used the app to pay in Tesco yet.

Tesco state:

"When you add a card to PayQwiq, we need to check that the card is genuine and that it belongs to you. To do this, we make an initial request of £2 from your account, but we don’t actually take the money from you. This lets us check that your card details are correct.

Depending on your issuer, the £2 may show up briefly on your transaction history and then disappear."

So the £2 should drop off your account and I would suggest contacting Customer Services at Monzo if it has not


These checks can take up to 10 days to be refunded but it looks like Monzo help you get a refund sooner, if necessary -


It took 6 days to be returned to my account following the pay qwiq verification check…

I will say this though it definitely isnt quick to pay with in store…


I’ve never heard of qwiq before.

It looks like it allows you to pay for your stuff using your phone so assuming you have an iPhone what’s the benefit of using this over Apple Pay?

I’ve been using A.P at my local Tesco a lot recently and it works quick and seamlessly every time.

PayQwiq lets you pay for your shopping in Tesco and earn Clubcard points using just your phone. Not only that, but you can also redeem your digital coupons automatically when you pay with PayQwiq.

You can use any debit or credit card - Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Debit, Mæstro and American Express, whereas with Android Pay you can only use it with a limited list of banks and only certain account types/cards at those banks.

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Thanks Richard. Anything that helps streamline the whole points\vouchers\tokens side on things is welcome.

Thanks for the replies…

I’ll give it a week and see if it gets refunded automatically. Guess at least people are aware of this now.

I’ve not actually used the app for a purchase yet so can’t comment how how well it works…

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I agree!

Since Monzo has now hired their Head of Partnerships (the post has disappeared from the careers site anyway & the integrations with TFL, Nectar etc. are in the 6-9 months bucket on the roadmap, my hope is that Monzo will enable you to start collecting / using points with your purchases for some rewards schemes this year :pray:

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Is this the same as when you order groceries online? I have a £2 card check still showing in my account from Tesco shop I had delivered at the weekend. If it’ll disappear in 10 days fine, just wondered if this happens every time you shop online with Tesco?

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Not 100% sure on the Tesco specifics but generally, it’s only when you add the card or change shipping/billing information. :+1:

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What’s the benefit? They track your purchases so they can better send you advertising. I guess it saves you from using a separate loyalty card if you do like this but personally I see only downsides.

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they keep giving out 100 clubcard points for using it. I’ll use it when that sort of offer is on. They’re tracking you anyway if you use a clubcard. and unless you’re paying cash your bank is tracking you too.

maybe it’s cheaper for them to process transactions through that than through the chip and PIN machine.

I got it back when it was the only way to use contactless for over £30.

I’ve been using it recently as they are offering extra Clubcard points temporarily. It also means that you don’t need your Clubcard or vouchers with you, or remember to hand them over before the transaction ends.

The amazing moment you use a digital coupon from the clubcard app and it asks you to deposit the coupon into the self service machine. Wonderful joined up thinking that was!

I think this is them just avoiding supporting the above £30 for verified contactless transactions.


Nice application for shopping at Tesco…
Much better than use Apple Pay due to limits
Seems they want to run their own pre paid card soon

Personally I see it as there way of just avoiding platform standards. They could do all of this with Apple Wallet… and I’m sure Google has an equivalent.

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Just added my card to Tesco pay Kwik and it wants me to authenticate it in store before I can use the app :roll_eyes:

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