Change Tesco Pay+ payment from 'Online Transaction' to Store Location?

So I’ve been using the Tesco Pay+ app with my Monzo card as it means I don’t have to remember my Clubcard and can collect points and pay all in one go, and haven’t had any issues with it yet.

However, in doing so the payment is classed by Monzo as an ‘Online transaction’. I understand that it probably technically is online as I’m basically paying through the app (not sure of the details of how it works…) but I was wondering if there is some way for Monzo to be clever, and change it so that it shows the location of the store for these transactions?

The transaction details at the bottom on the transaction page does appear to show the same information as when the Monzo card is used instore, so it would seem like the information would be there to be able to do this?

However, it doesn’t actually cause any issues as all the transactions, Pay+ or not are grouped together as Tesco, and the information about where specifically it was is shown in the transaction detail, so this is probably not a priority to be ‘fixed’, if indeed it can be changed?

Equally, maybe it is more sensible for it to show as Online as then it makes clear it was the Pay+ app that was used…

Any thoughts?


Have you reported it in-app? We only show a fraction of the meta-data in app so it’s likely that some of the data shown is different.


Not yet! I can do so though, I thought I’d post here first to see what people thought, but realise that yeah, it’s probably something in-app chat would know

I could be wrong, but I suspect that if you use Tesco Pay+, then information about the store you shopped at doesn’t reach us. This is because the payment is processed by Tesco as an online transaction, and so it is inherently locationless :slight_smile:

If we were to integrate with Tesco Pay in the future, we might be able to pull in the information through an API or something.

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That’s what I suspected…

As I mentioned it does show up with a transaction reference of, for example “Tesco Stores 6518 York GBR”, but I suppose to all intents and purposes that’s just a string of text and not an actual location per se, so probably not necessarily simple for Monzo to parse and get a map location from easily! :slight_smile: (well not without a way of getting store addresses from the store code, which is why an API would make things simpler I imagine!)

My Starling App shows what I think You’re wanting @jdnicholas , I would have provided a screen capture from the Pay + app but the apps “security policy” wont let me…

It basically lists store name/address, category, value and date/time along with a reference to google maps… - This was the last time I used Pay+ (Not sure if the period of time between then and now is significant or not with the data reporting)

Screenshot_20180403-205758_Starling Screenshot_20180403-211325_Monzo

(this is not from a Pay+ transaction) My Monzo app shows the following, interestingly the location map is almost 3 miles out!!!

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If you DM me the email address associated with your account, I can have a poke around and see what kind of information we’re getting on our end :slight_smile:


I’ve investigated this and it appears we are getting the address through. We might be able to take advantage of this :slight_smile:


@kieranmch Is there any reason why a store would be so inaccurate re: my above screen capture?

There are lots of reasons why it might be off :slight_smile:

Finding the location of a transaction is a surprisingly complex task :smiley: Which is why I guess Monzo were one of the first banks to do it.

You should be able to report this in the app and drag the pin to the actual location? Let me know how you get on.

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I use my Nationwide card in Tesco Pay…
I can check store number and city in Nationwide application/statements… so it’s not online purchase

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Already have reported it a few mins ago… I was curious why it would be out by almost 3 miles though…It’s like Monzo to Rotherhithe tunnel… wouldn’t expect it to be that inaccurate…

Unfortunately, as @kieranmch alluded to, we don’t always get a perfect location through the Mastercard network for a purchase. In quite a few cases, we’ll only get a town name and an approximate postcode, everything else from there is crowdsourced, a guess by matching it up to other data, or manually entered by us. :cry:


Well at least Monzo are good enough to provide the option to help improve data, i’m sure in the future we’ll have near perfect accuracy if everyone get’s their act together and helps build Monzo into the best bank we can

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Can I just add that in my Monzo app all Tesco Pay+ transactions appear as online transactions but in Emma the same transactions have a map with the location of the transaction.

Tesco Pay + works with Monzo? So you can just use your Monzo card and the clubcard points are worked out automagically?

Yep, and there was a bonus period where £4 spend = 5 points, not sure if that’s still ongoing.

Edit: Mis-read the question, you add your Monzo card to Tesco Pay+ then pay with the app.

I don’t think so. I expect that you have to link your Monzo card to Tesco Pay+ and use that to pay at Tesco and then Tesco charge your Monzo account.

Yeah, for clarity, you add your Monzo card to the Pay+ app and have to pay using the QR code that appears within the app to pay and collect your Clubcard points

Ahh, ok. Sod that, only interested if it was the other way around.