Tesco Pay+ and Google Pay rumours

Anyone else heard rumours that

1 Tesco is combining its clubcard and pay+ apps for a “single scan” checkout
2 QR codes are coming to Google Pay

I’ve heard both these, but nothing solid to back them up yet…

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This is already a thing isn’t it? I’ve been using pay+ for ages to get clubcard points and do the payment in a single QR code scan.

Or is there something else they’re rumoured to be adding to this? (Something along the lines of auto-applying relevant vouchers from the ones they post out to you might be cool :thinking:)


Or, do you mean you’ll be able to link your club card with your Google Pay cards? So you can just pay with Google Pay and it’ll automatically add the points…?

I mean that would be the most desirable option. Saves faffing with opening apps and QR codes.


Can’t you do this in the passes section of GooglePay?

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I actually like using the QR code. Mostly because the Tesco near me usually has at least 1 checkout that has a broken card machine so is cash only. Pay+ allows me to skip the queue (because no one around here seems to carry cash any more) and use a cash only till, but pay on my card :smiley:

Not that I know of? Passes just provides barcodes/QR codes to scan before you pay - although I don’t have a club card so I don’t know if it works differently for that.

@nsteer That’s a pretty cool benefit I hadn’t thought of before :yum:

Maybe you’re right. I dont think I’ve ever used it. My nearest Tesco is miles away.


Use every day on the Tesco Pay+ app - backed up by Tesco Bank - manually added my card to that specific app rather than linking out

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What I heard was that the whole clubcard app will be combined with the whole pay+ app, so you can do your vouchers, points and payment in a single scan. Not sure about gift cards.

I meant that you will be a able to use a QR code to pay with Google Pay, as an alternative to NFC.

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You can already do this with Apple Pay :wink:
Well for the tesco clubcard anyway, cant pay with it in same way as Pay+ but still nice

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Apple Pay - never heard of it!

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Google pay also already supports adding your Tesco clubcard QR code for scanning to receive clubcard points :smiley:

Well I welcome that if it comes as it is a division that makes more sense on the Tesco organisational chart than in the outside world

In other news, I found it completely impossible to find how to get from their main web address to the account details (e.g. password) area

Resorted to Google. Ended up in some ancient utilitarian version that shadows the real version!

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Though, as I found through experimenting with a small transaction, using Google Pay on phone at the Tesco till pays no attention to having added the Clubcard at the app

That’s the joined up bit it’s lacking, keeping me in the actually reasonably good Tesco Pay+ app


This is the really frustrating bit - why add a loyalty card if you then have to faff with an app to find it and scan it?

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All I want is for Tesco to support apple wallet and google pay contactless redemption of the Clubcard and for them to scrap the Pay+ app.

Hell, the Clubcard app FAQs even say this is possible!



To be fair, you get notifications from the Google Pay app when you can use your club card locally.

I use my Curve card on Tesco Pay+, so every time I make a payment I get 3 different instant notifications.

If it’s quiet I turn the volume off to avoid being stared at. It is handy though!

Someone should make a notification aggregator! Genius

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