Using Monzo to book services while abroad

Hello, online booking services such as paying for tickets etc won’t accept my Monzo details. I’m currently in Greece and not able to book taxis etc online. This also happened to me in Italy recently. Weirdly I’m having the same problem using my main bank account card. Both are MasterCard. Could it be being blocked by MasterCard for some reason?


Hi @NickH1 & welcome :wave:

The Monzo Status page shows everything is currently operational.

You’re not using Monzo/Bank card via Apple Pay by chance? There have been reported problems with Apple Pay.

Do the services you are trying to use accept MasterCard?

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And are they asking for an address to which the card is registered? Sometimes I have been unable to use cards abroad because the sites are only setup to match against their own national database. I always had to use a US card when ordering Dominoes online in the US for example.

The services take MasterCard. I’m not using Apple Pay or Google Pay. The card works for contactless transactions fine. My partners Monzo is also working fine to make bookings online.

Probably worth speaking to monzo to see what the decline message is to understand more.