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Hi I am new to monzo as im traveling abroad can I use my card to pay for goods in shops & fuel in garages do you use it the same way a natwest debit card, also do I get the pin with the new card, thanks for any help.

Pin should be texted to you around the time when you request card (when you top up with £100).

I’m not sure from your post, but Monzo can only be sent to your UK address, so if you are abroad already, you can’t order it to be delivered to Spain for example. :slight_smile:

Monzo card can be used abroad with no fees on withdrawals or transactions (excluding ATM fee, which is something Monzo has no control over).
Please be aware that some places do not accept prepaid card types, like unmanned petrol stations or some automated parking payment things (Monzo only works when place you pay is in actively connected to the network).

Paying at restaurats, shops - usually works flawlessly, but it’s worth checking details for specific country you plan to visit.
Magstripe payments (not contactless or chip+pin) are more popular in some countries, so you need to enable Magstripe payments in your app - it’s disabled by default.

It’s highly advised to bring some back-up card, because Monzo is still in BETA. It’s also helpful when prepaid card is rejected.

Monzo has 3 ‘verification’ levels, so worth checking with in-app support whether you are verified before travelling. Unverified users have fairly limited payment limits.

I’d also recommend going through just to be on the safe side! :smiley:


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