Update on using Monzo in Europe

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Hi :wave: not sure if I’ve posted this on the right forum like I did a few weeks ago when I asked for information regarding using monzo in Europe. :eyes:

I have just arrived in to south Portugal :portugal: after a drive from Manchester through the newhaven-Dieppe :ferry:, France :fr:, Spain :es:, I loaded up my monzo current account :pound::euro:before leaving Home.

I’ve used monzo for fuel in the uk, France, Spain and Portugal with no issues at all :fuelpump:️ Before I left I read on the forum that people had problems using monzo on the Spanish tolls :thinking: but I thought I would have a go myself and I had a backup card just incase.
When you go through a toll in Spain monzo works :pray:t3: God but it doesn’t show on you account for afew days but you CAN use it :boom:.Other than that we had a very comfortable journey with faith in monzo lol :crossed_fingers:.

I have used the cash machine or :atm: in Spain and Portugal. I was asked if I wanted, the Bank :bank: € euro rate,or the monzo rate, :face_with_monocle: I chose the monzo rate as the banks exchange rate was 1.0014 :astonished: and the monzo exchange rate was 1.13 :euro::+1:t2: so I saw a massive difference especially when you are withdrawing more money. The reason I used the cash machine :atm: in Portugal was it kept getting declined in one of the local shop :astonished: which I thought was weird as I had the money in my main account :credit_card:. The cash machine was next to the shop so it wasn’t a problem :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

Going abit off the subject :eyes: but In the last few weeks I tried to use my monzo card on the skybet app :see_no_evil: (don’t tell the Mrs) lol but it was never accepted :exploding_head:, today I tried again however This time I was on skybet on safari :zebra::leopard:not on the app as you can’t bet abroad for some reasons :zipper_mouth_face: so I don’t know if skybet changed :sun_behind_large_cloud:or monzo did :partly_sunny:️or was it just because I used it on the website :sun_behind_small_cloud: not the app (maybe I just got lucky haha.) :horse::four_leaf_clover:.

I hope this page will help anyone who maybe travelling but thought I’d just put my story out there. If anyone has any questions ?? :tipping_hand_man:t4: relating to using monzo in uk, France, Spain or Portugal give me a shout :speaking_head: and I will try my best to help you.

if you want me to try out anywhere in these countries let me know before 2nd jan (when I go home) (:-1:t2:) and I will check it out. thanks and peace to all :pray:t3: .


I think this post wins the award for the most emojis ever. :smile:

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Thank you :pray:t3: I think information is :old_key: to the forum and always a happy “monzoer”


All very well all those emoji but with no paragraphs it is one long unintelligible block of text.

With all this info in the one post it will be missed by many people. A succinct summary in each of the respective country’s “Monzo in … [Discussion]” threads would be useful, as someone going to France or Spain is likely to look at the France or Spain threads and less likely to search for or find this thread. Though thanks for the enthusiasm/effort/input.

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If it’s too much for you don’t bother reading it. If anyone is able to read it all and get the information they need that’s upto them so stop the nit picking and jog on with your negativity on Xmas day thank you :blush:


I am not being negative. I like the content. However the whole point of country specific threads is to make it easy for users by having all relevant info in one place not spread across multiple threads. It makes it easier for them to find useful feedback and tips.

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Ok sir, thanks I haven’t ever done a post on the internet so it’s alien to me, so thanks for your comment it is useful too me. I’m happy to take your suggestions on how to improve on this post. Merry Xmas thank you :v:t2:

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I have taken your advise onboard and split up my blog.
Hope you are happy with this and your able to read it :eyes::eyeglasses:

(Ashley Howell) #9

I truly am I monzonier, I love monzo and excited to see monzo grow and develop. The future is golden.

Hi sorry just wanted to add that monzo has worked out well for us at home and on regular holidays.
If we sit down and calculated what we have spent using monzo it is definitely hundreds especially with the great exchange rate.
When I’m back home I will be pulling all my direct debits/standing orders over to monzo with all my income aswell. I can’t complain

(Allie) #10

It does help a lot, I wasn’t able to read it - I have reading difficulties and your initial post was interesting, but I just wasn’t able to read it. Now, I can.

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I love the Emoji use personally! :smiley:

(Allie) #13

The emoji use are great. The initial post had no paragraph breaks and my brain can’t track anything for that long (emojis made it harder, but the cuteness makes that worth it!).

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Ha, this is a brilliant thread. Cheers for the info. It’s testimony to monzo that we are all here on Christmas day discussing monzo. Cracks me up.

(Benjamin Doherty) #15

I personality love the side story about betting (don’t tell the Mrs), good stuff.

(Ashley Howell) #16

Thanks Adam. With this being my first ever post on any kind of forum your kind words mean a lot thanks :v:t2:

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Just keep my gambling under your hat for now Benjamin you never know when wife is listening lol

(Celso Braz) #18

There are some issues with using foreign cards in PT that aren’t exclusive to Monzo.
Some of the ATM terminals shops will use only have contracts for local banks and any(most) foreign cards will be refused.
If you are in a more touristic are some of the shops will have two different terminals, one with local contracts which they prioritize and one that will accept foreign cards as well.
If you are a foreign tourist they’ll probably provide you immediately with that second terminal but I get given the wrong terminal often.

There are also some tolls that will refuse foreign cards.
I’ve seen some evolution in that regards where one of the major tolls in Lisbon (Vasco da Gama bridge) wouldn’t accept any foreign cards in the past but now accepts my barclays card (visa debit), still no luck with Monzo.

(Allie) #19

What network are the local cards using?


Probably the same nonsense as the US-based “regional” networks; I’d bet good money it’s using magstripe as well, as with smart cards a single terminal could select the right networks based on AIDs.

(Allie) #21

Magstripe can do that too with a BIN table, that’s how the US regional debit networks work.