Using Monzo in Costco

(Simon J Harrison) #1

Hello - does anyone know if Monzo works in Costco? They only accept debit cards - technically though I believe Monzo is a MasterCard debit card?

(Naji Esiri) #2

Hey Simon,

Unfortunately not, from what I understand Costco automatically block pre paid cards and there have been a few bits of feedback on here from the community about the card being declined there.

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(Rika) #3

To add to this, Costco specifically want to see a payment card with a name that matches the Costco membership card. As far as I’m aware, Costco appear to act more on a whitelist of banks and issuers, rather than a blacklist. :disappointed:

(Starling Guru) #4

I’ve not seen this, I pay or my other half pays and we use each others membership cards.

Is there everywhere?

(Rika) #5

To be honest, it’s only really if you get pulled up on it. They’re more lenient with family members or a business user but in general, that’s not a policy I would rely on or test.

(Craig) #6

Tried using the Monzo at Costco petrol station today and it was rejected abit gutted as was wanting to use monzo to keep an eye on my petrol expenses

(Andy) #7

They dont accept prepaid cards at any pay at pump petrol stations, and the same also applies to Starling as well, as their BIN Range is still classified by some places as pre paid, including CostCo…

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(Alex Sherwood) #8

To add to Andy’s comments, this is a known issue that’ll be fixed when Monzo’s current accounts launch & they switch to debit cards :slight_smile:

(Josh Bray) #9

No prepaid cards are accepted at any pay@pump stations. It’s something that’ll be fixed when the current accounts go live

(Craig) #10

Yeah i assumed its due to the pre-auth bouncing back


Tried my Monzo card at CostCo and warned them it probably wouldn’t work… it didn’t as expected. The till didn’t even attempt to bring up a pin code request so perhaps there is a whitelist or usable cards :thinking:

(Richard Edwards) #12

Costco now accept Monzo.

Used it today with no issues.

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Was this Prepaid or CA?

(Richard Edwards) #14

Was the prepaid card.

I did email them and give the first few numbers and they did say they had to update something.

(Richard Edwards) #15

Costco now accept Monzo. Used it today.
:mondo: :tada:

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(Steve Hamblet) #16

Costco petrol pumps now also accept Monzo current account MasterCards. Tested it today.

(Michael) #17

I was surprised my Monzo Card worked in Costco today - the signs seem to suggest they only take Amex, Maestro, Visa debit as well as cash and cheques (?!) - nothing about MasterCard debit! I purposely put my thumb over the MasterCard logo so the cashier wouldn’t say it wasn’t accepted. However, there was a bit of a delay with the transaction showing on my feed - not sure if that’s an issue with Costco or Monzo though. My next test is to see if they accept Apple Pay transactions over £30.

(Sam) #18

I’ve mentioned this before in another thread - Costco’s answer to this was that before Monzo and Starling came along, Mastercard Debit was relatively rare and so the Mastercard logo wasn’t included on signs to reduce confusion.

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(Dan) #19

Costco supports Apple Pay over £30.00. No need to worry about that!

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(Michael) #20

That’s good to hear! I’m sans wallet 99% of the time :smiley: