Cant use my metal Monzo card at Costco fuel punps

Hello all,

Since I received my metal Monzo card Inhave an issue where it can not be read by Costco self service fuel pumps.
I wouldn’t mind however it is the only reason I have a Costco membership
(It works out at generally 5 or 6 pence cheaper per litre, over the year it easily pays for itself) and now I can’t use it.

My old ‘standard’ Monzo card worked perfectly, as I’m aware I’m not allowed another card for the same name and account so what would be the course of action to get going again?

I don’t have a credit card or another debit account anywhere to use instead of the Monzo account, and if possible I would like to keep the metal card

@Jimmythetee I’m assuming you’re not complaining that the card doesn’t fit in the slot?

I imagine this is an acceptance issue because they use a different BIN for the card number.

If so, drop an email to & let them know the info. :slight_smile:

Other than which could take a while, you could use Curve in the meantime. Not an ideal solution, I agree, and not exactly a Premium experience, either.

Hi Michael,

You are correct, it fits perfectly into the slot, it’s like an ATM style design so it pulls the card into the machine to be read, then it errors out unfortunately.

I’ll email them now, thank you

I’ve emailed acceptance so I’ll see what they say it may be an already known issue (fingers crossed)

I’ve not seen Curve before but it sounds interesting, I’ll give it a go, if that works in the interim it’ll be worth having, thanks for the recommendation

Updating clearly not a priority for fuel!