Using Monzo For Large Purchases

Hi guys.
Been using Monzo for 3 months now and have had no problems.

I’m considering getting a new TV for christmas ( £400 from curries )
Would this be ok or can i not use Monzo for large purchases ?


It’s a bank account, use it like any other bank account


your account has limits you can check in app, and if its over the limit (car) a quick chat with support should help

If you have a credit card though, that’s always the preferred way to buy large items for the protection it gives you.

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I’m interested to hear why you’d think Monzo wouldn’t be OK for large purchases

Be a worry if this is a widespread view or not…? :man_shrugging:


A “large purchase” in Monzo’s eyes is generally over £10,000 (Although check your settings to be sure of your limits).

No need to worry about restrictions for £400 Some people spend that on dinner and drinks :fork_and_knife: :cocktail:


I never made a large transaction before and wanted to know if there’s a limit

To add to this. @chistery is referring to section 75 protection. Here’s a description

Monzo cards, and debit cards in general benefit from a similar protection called Chargeback, although unlike Section 75, there’s no legal requirement for the card provider to provide Chargeback protection.

Limits in app for Android

Account / settings (cox) / daily limits

Its all the different limits for the account

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