Big Purchases?

Has anybody used monzo to make large purchases? Do they authenticate with the app or over the phone or not authenticate at all? Planning on buying a car today and just wondering how it will go down. :grin:

You will need to get in touch with Monzo in app to inform that you plan to make a big purchase. They have system in place for these sort of things. Usually they ask for a 24 hour notice.


Okay! Thanks

Depends what “Large” means :wink:

You’ve got a £10k daily spend limit - As @SC95 has correctly mentioned, contacting COps at least 24hrs before you need to spend more than that is what you’ll need to do :blush:

I’ve got no idea what they’ll ask for :see_no_evil: But they’ll walk you through that :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, probably no more that £10k being spent today, will I be fine for anything under that then?

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In another thread on a similar thing @BethS who works for Monzo posted this;


Yes. See the limits in app.



:boom: If you’re under the limit, nothing to do :sunglasses:

Should go through seamlessly :grin:


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