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Hi all,

At some point in the next few days, I need to go into a shop and make a large payment (like many thousands of pounds big). I’m planning to do this with my Monzo debit card. The money will be in my account, but I’d just like to reassure myself that this isn’t going to be a problem.

Is this going to work?



Notify Monzo through in app chat, just to make certain. :slight_smile: There’s a hard daily card transaction limit of £10K, so you will definitely need to get in touch if it’s over this.

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Daily limit is £10,000 but if it’s massively outside your normal spending habits I’d do as @anon75875116 suggests and let them know in app

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There’s no reason it shouldn’t. As @anon75875116 said, notify them if you’re concerned.

If it were me, I’d try to make sure you’ve an alternative method of payment with you, if possible. Even if it that’s only having the ability to transfer the money to another bank/card and then using that.

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You’ve received sound advice so far.

If it’s below the daily limits, which is £10,000 (and you can check these in your app) you should be good :ok_hand:

If it’s more or you have any issues, please get in touch!

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Thanks everyone. The amount is under £10,000, so I it looks like I should be ok. But I’ve already sent a message using the in-app chat.



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I have to say, that 3 weeks ago I Monzo’d just under £20k to a car dealer following great advice on here. As you will be under the £10k daily limit there shouldn’t be an issue.

As the purchase/service costs more than £100 and less than £30,000 I’d strongly recommend you consider paying for it partly on a credit card if you can.

The credit card company is jointly liable in the event the contract is breached (eg. the seller goes bust) or the item/service is misrepresented. You don’t even need to reach a legal ‘stalemate’ with the seller, and the protection is enshrined in law making it stronger than a debit card chargeback.

Even if you pay just £1 on your credit card, you’ll be covered.


I understand that, thanks.

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@anon75875116 & @Rat_au_van…a well-oiled machine :grinning:


Excellent support all round, by my book :grinning:

Now all that’s missing is a picture of the item in question…:grin:

Here you go…


(I simplified slightly, when saying it was a shop.)


Nice, very nice.

Now I’m taking a punt, but I reckon you’re not being selfish, buying it for yourself so…you’re probably about to be off washing-up duty for some time to come?

A fine purchase. :grinning:

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