Chargeback through debit card vs PayPal Protection

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Sorry if this is in the wrong place! Was just wondering, for large purchases, which offers more protection: buying with a Monzo/other bank debit card and doing a chargeback via the bank, vs using PayPal for their buyer protection? Which one actually provides the better protection?

PayPal probably. They’re horrible.

But use a credit card if it’s over £100.


If the purchase is over £100, credit card for sure.

Chargebacks aren’t as covered as Section 75. Unsure on the PayPal protection stuff, probably comes with a lot of get out of jail cards in their terminology.

Really depends what you’re purchasing and where from.


Thanks for the replies guys.

Basically planning on purchasing a TV and my credit limit on credit card won’t be high enough. Had a disaster in the past with a laptop being lost in delivery so trying to see how I can best cover myself without section 75.

You could pay as little as 1p on the credit card and still benefit from S75 protection for the full amount.

Or pay the full amount to your credit card from your Monzo account and pay for the TV with your credit card.


How does that work when buying online? Or do you mean going into the shop and asking to pay a bit with credit then the rest with debit?

If you are buying online, make a payment from Monzo to your credit card account, then pay by credit card.

If it’s in a shop they should be able to take two part payments.


Thanks so much for your help!

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You can call up your credit card, explain purchase amount, ask if you can overpay your account, then transfer the money to the credit card, complete the purchase with the credit card, enjoy section 75 protection.

I have done this in the past when I had to travel for work for long periods and my credit card limit was not high enough to pay for hotels.


True. I wanted to buy a car on my credit card just to get the air miles. Called them up and got limit raised to £7k. It’s still available to me several years [and another car purchase] later. R-

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Does anyone know if it’s possible to overpay Flex?
And on that topic, I know Flex offers section 75, is it just as good/reliable as other credit cards in people’s experiences?


No and yes.


This is the same as asking if Monzo is as reliable as any other lender.

The answer is that any claim would be considered by Monzo and, if rejected, could be the subject of a formal complaint and escalation to the Financial Services Ombudsman if required. It’s a statutory protection.


Thanks so much guys :)!


Please always ask to enable any transaction through our card my card mistakingly press payment from my pocket and I was debited.

Please always ask to confirm payment before deductions or transaction are made. Thanks

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I think this lives in a different thread (@AlanDoe) but if I read this right you’ve somehow accidentally bought something through pocket surfing?

This sounds like someone’s tried to use a card machine to buzz your card? Im not sure how you’ve managed to do that.

Either way, you can “freeze” your card which will stop it from working and unfreeze as you need which will accomplish what you’re wanting to do.