Large payments abroad

(Prateek G) #1

I might buy an item worth $3000 in the USA using Monzo.
Would there be any problems since it’s a very large amount of money?


(Only available in amateur ) #2

if you only have £20 in your account then yes :upside_down_face:

Might be better to have a chat in the app and see what they say as there’s probably many factors involved in it being flagged

(Prateek G) #3

What you mean if I have only £20? I’ll be having enough pounds to purchase the $3000 item :thinking:

(Stephen Spencer) #4

Rat_au_van was making a joke.
To answer your question: If you look in Account, You/cog, Limits, you’ll see what the limit is - I have a £10k daily limit (I think everyone is the same, I thought it was less). But I’d still use the in-app chat to alert them in advance, because a large foreign transaction might be likely to trip security, then you’d have to hover embarrassingly in the shop texting customer support if it did get declined.

(Prateek G) #5