Using Monzo everywhere: improving merchant acceptance

(Edward) #327

London. One of the affected merchants only sells umbrellas, so maybe Stripe were confused that the level of potential fraud was too low!


There is no such thing as “too low” of a fraud risk. Even services that sell “useless” items or non-tangible goods (Patreon, donations, etc) are used by fraudsters to check whether a compromised card number is valid (they don’t care about the goods, just the outcome of the transactions) before going on a proper shopping spree with that card number.

(Edward) #329

I was simply making a joke about the city of London also containing The City of London, where fraud would typically be perpetrated on a much larger scale.

(Sacha) #330

That’s weird. I bought travel insurance from them using Monzo last weekend without issue.

(Gareth) #331

I’ve had the same issue but this was before 3D Secure was a thing. I used a legacy bank card and it used 3D secure so I assumed this was why at the time

(Tony Hoyle) #332

That’s bizarre… stripe are a monzo backer.

Never had any problem with things like patreon myself but it may well be regional as well.

(Tom) #333


Car Giant (large 2nd hand car dealership for both platforms) doesn’t accept a Monzo bank account when searching for finance on their system, it will say invalid sort code.


Was this through the Car Giant website?

Fire an email over to and they should be able to ask them to update their sort codes.

(Tom) #335

No, it was in store, I’ll fire off an email now.

(Peter Shillito) #336

Time to bump this topic!

As a follow up to this post Norwegian are still having issues accepting Monzo cards on-board. I had the exact same experiance on Friday evening (8th February 2019) where swiping the card didn’t work and they don’t do contactless or chip+pin, but typing the number in manually did work. Before attempting to swipe, they started to say they didn’t accept Monzo, but I insisted that they did and it’s a normal debit Mastercard.

I’ll email and see if there’s anything they can do.

(Jolin) #337

Am I reading this correctly, that they don’t support chip+PIN on any bank cards? Or is this just with Monzo? It certainly sounds like the issue is outdated systems on Norwegian’s behalf, not a problem with Monzo. If they really only support mag stripe, you can get everything for free by raising a chargeback complaint – merchants that don’t support chip+PIN are responsible for fraud. :joy:

(Peter Shillito) #338

As far as I can tell, yes. No chip+pin and no contactless. Swipe only.

(Jolin) #339



Was it a European flight or a long haul one? I’ve used Monzo on the self service screen thing on their transatlantic flights (swipe only) without problems.

(Peter Shillito) #341

European (for now). Manchester to Stockholm Arlanda