Using Monzo everywhere: improving merchant acceptance

(Edward) #327

London. One of the affected merchants only sells umbrellas, so maybe Stripe were confused that the level of potential fraud was too low!

(Andre Borie) #328

There is no such thing as “too low” of a fraud risk. Even services that sell “useless” items or non-tangible goods (Patreon, donations, etc) are used by fraudsters to check whether a compromised card number is valid (they don’t care about the goods, just the outcome of the transactions) before going on a proper shopping spree with that card number.

(Edward) #329

I was simply making a joke about the city of London also containing The City of London, where fraud would typically be perpetrated on a much larger scale.

(Sacha) #330

That’s weird. I bought travel insurance from them using Monzo last weekend without issue.

(Gareth) #331

I’ve had the same issue but this was before 3D Secure was a thing. I used a legacy bank card and it used 3D secure so I assumed this was why at the time

(Tony Hoyle) #332

That’s bizarre… stripe are a monzo backer.

Never had any problem with things like patreon myself but it may well be regional as well.