Using google pay... (Solved)

Received the notification to use chip and pin next time on card
Had ~£30 chip and pin allowance even though i was asked to reset.
Next day lost my card, didn’t reset it so still ~£30
Used Google pay the rest of that day, it worked.
The remaining allowance didn’t go down in app

My new card won’t come till the 12th

My question is, can I use google pay (assuming cars isn’t frozen) indefinitely without worrying about chip and pin? Work doesn’t accept cash in the canteen.

Thanks for any help.

Google pay doesn’t require chip and pin as you are authorising with a biometric every transaction

But I’m not sure it works when you’re waiting for a replacement card. Think there have been conflicting reports on that

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This is one for the in-app chat, I think!

But I think it might have been that Google Pay will still work if the card hasn’t been reported as lost or stolen. If it has, then I seem to recall that Google Pay is also blocked.

But Monzo should be able to confirm!

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It’s simpler than you think. The original poster does say this:

Used Google pay the rest of that day, it worked.

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I know that Tymit gave me a virtual card before my physical one arrived so I could start using it right away

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Just experienced a similar issue (don’t have any screenshots)

Was at weatherspoons attempting to make an order via the pub app paying via Google pay (V 2.97.265766933)

Had Monzo setup but upon trying to pay I get a popup saying that non-3D secure cards arent accepted?

On my OnePlus 6

Anyone else experienced similar?

(the version I have still the old Google pay before they recently did a complete revamp, haven’t updated it as not a fan of the new look)