Do I need to verify occasionally via Chip & Pin using Google Wallet

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I received a Monzo notification to use C&P on my next transaction. I needed to use the bus so checked with support if contactless would work both using the card or through GWallet. The agent stated that neither would “probably” work. As they used probably I just wondered if anyone else had experienced this and whether you can use contactless for bus fares before being able to carry out a C&P transaction. I also thought GWallet / GPay would work regardless. TIA

I don’t know the answer, but I’d imagine it would work.

You might be able to reset this by visiting an ATM and using Chip and PIN there to check your balance.

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I can only speak from Apple experience but there’s a limit (I think £100 in total) via contactless using your card before it asks you to use Chip & Pin on your next transaction to verify it’s really you.

For Apple wallet, this doesn’t apply, it just keeps working (since you have to verify it’s really you via FaceID or Thumb it’s a moot point in regards to the Pin)

I can’t speak for Google Wallet though


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With Google Wallet, you’d not be required to use your pin prior to using this.

But using your physical card, this may decline until you make a purchase using your pin.

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There are different ways to use wallet. If one only turns the screen on, without unlocking the phone eventually it might ask you to “follow instructions on the phone” which will ask to unlock the phone (with biometrics, or pattern, or pin), then tap phone again to allow the transaction.

I also had similar reconfirmation flow with phone when doing large transaction too. I guess it tried to ensure it really was me, and I was paying attention to the amount requested.

I with with apple wallet one has to always unlock first, hence no need for occasional reauth flow. But I find turn on screen only to pay very convenient compared to fidgeting one has to do with apple to pay for things.

For small payments (under 45 pounds) you can use Google Wallet by just having the screen on and NFC enabled, anything over and you’ll have to unlock the phone via one of the following methods. PIN or pattern password, fingerprint, iris scan and lastly 3D face unlock to authenticate the transaction.

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No need to verify by PIN periodically or any nonsense like that :slight_smile: I use Google Pay (now Wallet) all day everyday - it’s ace.

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I’ve used various bank cards through both Samsung Pay (always needs fingerprint) and Google Pay (needs fingerprint after a few payments and for higher amounts). Having used those very extensively, I have never been asked to enter a PIN on a POS.